Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Doing "Me and Suicide" Game

So, I am doing a new game for 1GAM Respawn theme. This time "Me and Suicide" game. It will be about a person who chooses to do suicide and succeeds doing it. However, he respawned into a floating mysterious lands. Not giving up, he tries to suicide again until he no longer able to respawn.

It will be made my GMStudio too. I also use some resource from the previous game "Durian's Path of Destruction" like the title menu object, movement script, etc and some of them were modified.

I also have made some progress with the game below and they might be changed in the release:

Title Screen
Gameplay 1
Gameplay 2

Now, there are still some parts of the game which I think I need to finish and fix:
- Platformer bug
- Navigation background
- Prologue
- Epilogue
- Music

Hope I can finish the game before 9 January especially the gameplay will be short and small platformer.

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