Sunday, May 31, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - Frames

Experimenting with frames this time for 35 minutes. I did this experiment especially when I had an interest with the frame with the previous experiment especially for presentating the original size from the zoomed scale.

So, I was experimenting on lighting the frames. First, I tried with the short lines. Second, I tried with longer lines. Third, I tried to give a little dither to the line. Forth, I tried to give lighting with the brighter goes more up or left.

Also, I tried with different frames. The first one with one color. The second one with 2 colors with the left and top has brighter color and the bottom and right has darker color. The third one with bolder frame.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - Stars

Experimenting with stars. Took 13 minutes to do this experiment. I am glad this one was very easy. As usualy, I did it with 4 colors.

In this experiment, I decided to change my way of presentation, by providing the original size and the zoomed version. Also, instead of just using blue range color, I decided to use yellow and red too for the brighter color.

Friday, May 29, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - Cloud and Sky

Experimenting with cloud again which I failed several days ago. I did this experiment for 50 minutes. This time I am more satisfied than the previous cloud experiment since it is more convinced to me that it looks more like cloud. Also, I was trying to remember on how to make the backgrounds less plain as sky, using the line transition.

Cloud and Sky
Cloud and Sky
Before doing this experiment, I looked again on references of cloud photos. I copied it to graphics gale and reduce the color depth into 4 colors. It made me easier to get the pattern. After that, I made the cloud again from scratch while making the pattern I learned from the image.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - Depth Experiment

Experimenting depth using color. I did this experiment for 70 minutes, including the too-failed one that I deleted. I am still not good on using depth.

Depth Test 1 using Tiles
Depth Test 1 using Tiles
Depth Test 2 using Tiles
Depth Test 2 using Tiles
Depth Test 3 using Bullets
Depth Test 3 using Bullets
After examining a lot of reference, I decided to use the color to set the depth. I also used the darker color to make it look farther. After that, I tested using the girl I made several days ago to test the depth. I am planning to do this experiment again in future, especially I will need it if I am going to make a game again which in the past I didn't use it which made my game background looked duller.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - Potions

Experimenting on potions especially on what will happen if I change the color within 4 colors. Did this experiment for 100 minutes.

Potions with 4 Colors
Potions with 4 Colors
Several months ago, I made a set of potions too, but that one was more focused on the glass shape. This one is more focused on colors. Also, I tried to make them more detailed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - Bloody Moon

Experimenting with texture this time for 60 minutes. The test object is the moon, with little modification. I still only use 4 colors to make this moon.

Bloody Moon
Bloody Moon
At first, I couldn't feel the texture. After I added some dithering near the bigger part of the cluster, I can feel the texture on the moon. After that I keep adding more dithering. Finally I can understand more on how to texturing.

Monday, May 25, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - Failed Clouds

Experimenting with clouds for 70 minutes. It didn't turn well. I still couldn't draw cloud very well. Most often the cloud I made wasn't convincing or it looked like a rock.

Failed rocks
Failed clouds
Even the cloud are failure. At least from this experimenting I will know which method I shouldn't use to make cloud. Also, I will do more clouds experiment in the future especially to find the better method for me to make the cloud.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - Rocks with 4 Colors

Experimenting with rocks this time with 4 colors which was taken from my previous experiment. When making the rocks, I also checked photo reference, but couldn't follow the detail nor the shape completely. I tried different ways when making the rocks. Also, I managed to make all these 18 rocks in 300 minutes.

Rocks 1
Rocks 1
I tried making rock by making the outline first using some kind of polygon feature then fill with to turn it into the cluster. Then I added shapes with different colors inside the cluster.

Rocks 2
Rocks 2
The other ways I tried is making the outline first. After that I added more lines inside the outline. After that I gave it colors.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - Pose Experiment

Experimenting on poses this time. I am still not good enough at posing so I tried with smaller sprite to pose it easier. It took 200 minutes to do this experiment included thinking what pose I should draw.

Pose experiment

When posing using 4 colors, I still found some problems. It was when same color touched each other from different part of body. Perhaps I will research more on this in the future, especially in this experiment I was only focus on pose.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - 2 & 4 Colors Animal Experiment

​Several days ago, I experimented 2 colors to experiment on clustering pixel. This time I will try with 4 colors. This will add more detail into the art. I did this experiment in 200 minutes. Also, I was using GraphicsGale while the previous one I used GIMP.​

Animals 2 Colors (left) and 4 Colors (right)

For the start, I had a trouble on how to pick up the palette for the 4 colors. After looking at many references, I managed to pick my own colors. After that, I modified the art from the 2 colors.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

NeithR's Pixel Journey - 2 Colors Experiment

It has been long time that I was hiatus on doing pixel art especially busy with college. Last time I developed a game, I made pixel art assets and somehow I didn't feel satisfied especially when making the cluster. I decided to experiment with only two colors just so I can focus on outline and cluster. It took 2 hours to do these. I also experimented on doing pixel art using GIMP. It was good enough especially it was easy set up.

Some random stuffs in 2 colors.

A mountain at night scene in 2 colors

There are still more I have to experiment. I already made my own list what to experiment. Also, I will do the same experiment to understand it further.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Man and A Coconut Tree

TitleA Man and A Coconut Tree
AuthorNeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
Released5th April, 2015 ICT


One day, a man is hungry. There is a coconut tree in front of him. Guide the man the get the coconut from the tree.