Friday, January 30, 2015

Rise from Sorrow - Update: 1.0.1 - Refactoring, Bug Fix, and Minor Improvement

Finally finished doing some updates of our game "Rise from Sorrow" which we made on #GGJ15. I updated it because there are some minor bugs there weren't fixed and some source code were harder to maintain.

In this update, for the development side, I refactored a lot of parts of the source code to make it easier to update in the future. From the previous work, all the class for logic and view were mixed. In this update, those classes were separated. The dialogue was also written into the source code directly, so I decided to separate it into json file. The game will read the embedded json file and turn it into dialogue. Also, for the dialogue, which was 9 messages limit, has been increased to the limit of array (very bigger limit than the 9 messages limit).

For the bugs, I have fixed the restarting music when player went into title screen from credit or game over screen. It was supposedly to restart only after ending which the music was already fading out. I also have fixed the unresponsive state after prologue which is actually the game tried to put the buttons randomly. I put the limit of how many random tries were allowed to prevent the unresponsive state. If the limit were reached, the chosen button will go out to screen and visible will be set to false. I also have fixed the text on the button which is a bit too above. I only need to change its label.offset.y from the FlxButton instance.

I also cut the sound a bit (which has no sound at all at that part) to make the sound timing more accurate. The first time it was released, the sound timing was a bit off since of the the-no-sound-part of the sound. I also have slowed down the fading out of the music and the screen effect at the end of the game to emphasis the ending better.

When making the update, I also tested this game to be built to android platform. The result, it was done easily especially with the power of the Haxeflixel which support cross platform. Perhaps this game will be released on android platform too, one day...

There will be also more update after this in the future, depends if the team leader has more idea to put more, since there were ideas but couldn't be implemented because of the time limit. Well, that's for now I could write, it's already a 3:34 AM here and I haven't slept yet so my I might make a lot of grammar errors xD. Also, since it was refactored, there will be probably some new bugs will appear which I haven't spotted yet. So, let me know if you found one.

You can play the update from the game page below, then go the "Download Game" button:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Rise from Sorrow

Warning: Textual mild violence!

TitleRise from Sorrow
GenrePoint and Click
Released25th January, 2015 ICT


Certain person has fallen into the deep despair and you are there trying to help. Try to understand their feeling and their sorrow. Find out what is the best way to guide him/her to happiness by giving them advice of what should they do everyday. If they are too stressed, they commit suicide. If they have no money left, they die of hunger.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Rise from Sorrow" Game Progress On #GGJ15

So, I participated in the Global Game Jam 2015 (#GGJ15). I joined a team to make the game with the role as programmer. The name was "BAK" for the start, but the lead team felt the name was too weird so we discussed a lot for the team name until we came up with team name "Eskargots".

So, we currently still developing our game "Rise from Sorrow". It is about a game which you have to guide a person from a depressing life into a happy life. There will be a lot of random events which can affect its mood and money. The person's mood must also be not be very depressed and also must be very happy at the end of 30th day. If that happens, the person will end the person's own life.

The game itself is developed using Haxeflixel and the default platform is Flash. In the future, we might release the mobile version, using the Haxeflixel engine's ability to cross platform.

The gameplay is very simple. Simply by selecting choices that appeared on screen. Each choice will lead to better/worse mood and to gain/loss money. The mood and the money will also affect the event from the choice. The choices will appearead at random position and certain of choices will appear on random day.

The development of this game has been developed more than 30 hours and still being developed. The important parts that we are still developing are the scenes and gameplay and the music. We from the team hope that the game will be finished before the 48 hours of the #GGJ15.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Warma's 1 HP Left - Progress: Battlers and Battle

Wanted to do more progress for #screenshotsaturday. I know it's already sunday in my place, but some regions right now is still saturday. So, wanted to know how well my art for battlers will fit for my game, so in this progress I made two monsters as battlers.

In this progress I also tried to remember on how to use battle events (since it's been a long time ago I touched battle events feature). For the test, I tried to make Warma's HP into 1. It worked well and it was so easy to do it.

I also tested how the battle will fit with my battlers I made. 

The battle HUD itself will be changed in the future. Since I had learned Ruby very long time ago and several days ago I also used it for doing an assignments. Also, I have studied RGSS3 more than 20 hours, so it tempted me to try to use a customized script too with my own customization especially at the battle HUD.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Warma's 1 HP Left - Progress: Face Dialogue and Font Test

Not much progress today, because several days ago I had to priotize with college stuffs so I was busy. So, in this progress, I was testing on face in dialogue and font change.

The face was from the Warma's head art I made several hours ago with background removed. I also resized its size to fit the 96x96 pixels size. I used it to test how well it fits with the dialogue. Since it was just for testing, I didn't continue with the shoulders part.

The font I used above was Ubuntu. I usually use its Mono version on my pdf game. You can get the font here: I am planning not to use the default font on this game, so I might use this font or other font in the game.

Also, I haven't finished with the concept for the map events. Probably with continue with it again next week since in this end week, I am planning to train my art skill again for 25 hours, especially I need to study more on coloring and more body proportion.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

[Tutorial] Making Loopable Tile

Several days ago after posting screenshot of my game from this post: which contains a custom tile I made, several persons keep asking me to teach how to make tiles. So, I decided to start with how to make a loopable tile. The tutorial is in the image blow:

So, the tutorial above is how I usually make my own loopable tile. I usually start with outline first, then connect the either vertical or horizontal, then either horizontal(if vertical) or vertical(if horizontal). After that, I connect the middle. After it loops well, I make the detail of the tile such giving color, anti-aliasing, and shading. Sorry, if there are some parts that you don't understand in the tutorial, I forgot how to make a good tutorial :p. Feel free to ask me something related to this tutorial ;).

Monday, January 12, 2015

Warma's 1 HP Left - Progress: Female Sprite Template, Animation, and Game Test

Finished the female sprite template which consists of face direction and movement (without the shading detail). It took less than 2 hours to finish it thanks from the original template I made long ago so I have a reference for the pose.

I also made its animated version just to make sure it looked well when animated.

After finished, I tested the sprite in the game. Using the old tiles I made long ago, it seems I need to edit its contrast again. Also, I tested using the girl sprite I made hours ago.

Since I finished this part, I am planning to continue the concept again for the map events. Also, I will be busy with real life today, so it might continue the gamedev again at afternoon or evening.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Warma's 1 HP Left - Progress: Female Sprite Template and Test

So, after making the sample in my previous template below:

I decided to do a revision again which is more focused on female template. It turned well to me after testing it with my characters (currently only in front view). (Btw, the name of the characters below from top and left are Arubei, Hitami, Manggisa, Nemi, <unnamed>, Warma, and Manggisa (Battle Form).

So, I think it is time to focus on other view or perhaps the male and the child template. The other template will use the previous template I ever made before since it will be faster than creating from scratch.

Warma's 1 HP Left - Progress: Sprite Template

This is the progress of sprite template I made for Warma's 1 HP Left which will be implemented on RPG Maker VX Ace game engine I use to make the game. The template itself will probably be changed in the future depends on my project's needs.

The sprite sample itself from using the template, it is not Warma. It is just random character for testing how's the template will fit for a sprite.

There is only the front and standing version right now. Before I continue with other view and pose, I need to make sure that the front view and standing pose is already good enough to use.

Btw, the template above is my second revision from my original template:


1st Revision:

Those previous 2 sprite templates was originally for my game Warma's 1 HP Left Progress long ago. I revised again because the shape wasn't look good to me or its pose was a bit dull to me. It took hours just to get a step of each revision until it looks right to me temporarily. The newest revision might get revised again if I feel something need to be changed again.

Friday, January 9, 2015

My Art Year 2014 Showcase

I haven't posted my art except here (except from the game) so this post will be about my art which was made in 2014. My art consists of raster and pixel. From the start of month january 2014 to december 2014, it keeps changing for improvement or experiment. You can see the rest here (


Doing "Warma's 1 HP Left" RPG

Actually continuing my older project which wasn't continued several months ago since I was very busy. It was actually for a game contest (IGMC) but I decided to submit a flash and a pdf game since I was very busy to improve my skill. So, this game project wasn't continue and I decided to give it some project. Also, the start of this game project wasn't posted here but here (

This game is about a female adventurer which got attacked by bandits. Her name is Warma. She got injured and fainted from the attack and got her stuffs stolen. Fortunately, she still had her 1 HP left to survive. Since she was too weak to continue her adventure,  she had to go back to inn to recover herself. 

The progress itself is just only concept which is partially finished long ago. The character's image concept and her name was made yesterday. Also, yesterday I added some changes to the concept.

Since the game will be made using RPG Maker VX Ace, I am planning to have a customized aspects on sprite, tiles, hud, gui, and other stuffs instead of default. Some parts will probably be left default like the battle system, music, and sound effect.

This game itself now is to test the result of my training after I have made 12 games last year for 1GAM. Also, this game is to make me create some original assets in my style especially the tiles and the sprites. I hope I can make a lot of progress especially I have a week holiday left.