Saturday, October 29, 2016

Untitled Project - Progress: Estimating Time

About the teleporter bug several days I wrote in my previous blog post, I finally managed to solve it using an even better solution which cost almost nothing of performance. So instead of changing the world division or using pixel perfect collision check, I used boolean check instead. It worked very well.

Now that problem was solved, I kept continuing to finish all the gimmich mechanism. Finally, I managed to finish them all. So, all the level and the gameplay mechanism are already finished and even playable. I probably will post the demo as soon as possible and mostly decide the theme and the title of the game first.

Estimating Time
Estimating Time

The current progress I am doing right now is estimating the time limit and the time bonus. Basically there is already a default time limit and time bonus, but it will turn the game not challenging or impossible to finish. So far, I have done 60 levels. There is a hundred more. Also, initially there was gonna be 2 extra challenge for each level: finishing the time withing time bonus and collecting all the stars. These can be done separately. Now, I will add more extra challenge without adding more challenge type: Complete both 2 extra challenge in single run. 

That's for now. Expect more news of this game in the future! ;)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Untitled Project - Progress: Teleporter Bug

Made a some progress for the past 3 days. Also, I still haven't decided the title of this game of mine yet. So far, I have implemented some of the gimmicks like barrier stuff.

Right now, I am still stuck with the invisible wall caused after teleporting from a teleporter. The bug itself was also not consistent on each teleporter. Sometimes the ship teleported fine on a teleporter but not on other teleporter. I still couldn't find source code which caused the bug yet. The bug occured only if I changed the position of the ship, which is used on when touching the teleporter.

Invisible Wall Bug
Invisible Wall Bug
I managed to prevent the bug by changing the world division setting or using the pixel perfect collision check. However, it costs some unneeded performance. I will use this only if there is no way to stop the bug or to keep continuing the development. Expect more news in the future!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Untitled Game Project with Runny Square Gameplay + Level

Welp... started a new game project again because of reasons... I supposed to do Legacy Bits or Kelin Kirim project. I started a new untitled project instead. The project progress is already much further than Legacy Bits and Kelin Kirim, thanks from reusing the old codes mainly from Runny Square and Looping Zip for the gameplay, Kaki Kelin for implementing level XML into playable level, and Legacy Bits for the level system.

As I mentioned before, I haven't decided the game title yet. The reason is because I haven't decided what theme I will put into the game. So far I have made all the levels and the gameplay. Only need to implement the gameplay from the level tool. After that, the game is technically done. Still, it will need a lot of polish after that.

Untitled Project Gameplay
The game uses the same tools as the tools used for making the currently in progress game, Legacy Bits. They are FlashDevelop, HaxeFlixel, and Tiled.

The next main progress I will do with the project is:
  • Implementing gimmick from level design into game
  • Releasing demo
  • Making list of next things to do

I hope I can really finish this commercial project this year especially how many levels I just finished making it yesterday, which took several days before yesterday.  Also, demo will be released soon. Expect more news in the future!