Monday, November 3, 2014

Darkest Color of Square

TitleDarkest Color of Square
AuthorNeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
GenrePoint and Click
Released3rd November, 2014 ICT


Which square has the darkest color? In this game you have to look at the square's color and choose the correct one which one has the darkest color from a group of squares. The squares are also formatted into a certain shape.

How to Play

  • Use mouse to choose a square which has the darkest color



  • Author: NeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
  • Game Concept: NeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
  • Artist: NeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
  • Font: Ubunto Mono
  • Programmer: NeithR


  • Entry for 1GAM month October
  • Entry for 1GAM theme Educational

Author's Note

  • I have to make a short game again... :v. This month I have a lot of college bigger assignments while also have to study the college stuffs.
  • My hands also keeps itchy that it want to try new stuffs too... I still have to be patient...

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