Friday, March 6, 2015

My Last Sandwich - Update: 1.0.1 - Stacking Hyperlinks Bug Fix

It's been a long time since I have released my old game, My Last Sandwich. The game is about a guy whose sandwich got stolen by a dragon and he must chase it and claim the sandwich back before the dragon eats the sandwich. While he is chasing the dragon, he must face a lot of obstacles and must choose the correct action to proceed.

After a long time since released, there were unspotted bugs. I didn't realize the existence of the bugs when I tested it in desktop. It can only be spotted when played in browser. The bugs were fatal since it can stop the progress of the game. The bugs were stacking hyperlinks in buttons, I mean both text and button contain hyperlink to other page. It will be fine if they were the same links, but if they have different hyperlinks, while the other can reach the correct page, the other one can go to wrong page. The wrong page will always lead the player into a previous page.

The bug was when in forest near a bush, most of the "Next" buttons led to the beginning of the forest again instead of progressing, causing player unable to go next page without scrolling. Also, the "Retry" button instead of restarting into the current area, it led to the place near cave which is shouldn't. Since the hyperlinks were stacked in both text and image, I didn't spot the bug when testing it with desktop and didn't realize at that time there were differences on how the pdf reader would treat click with a pdf element in browser and desktop.

After a long time, finally someone reported a bug to me so I can immediately check, confirm, and fix the bug. Thank you for Ardiana who reported the bug to me. Also, I apologize for the inconvenience the bug caused which can disturb the experience of the players when playing this game. I hope in this update, there will be no bug anymore. If you found a bug, let me know and thank you.

Also, I have updated the game and you can play it here:

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