Thursday, September 10, 2015

Yay, Featured! (Including Featured that I was Lazy to Write That Time)

Good news! Several hours after Kissy Square was published in NG, it was already featured in Featured Games! Thank you very much Newgrounds and those who played the game! 

Kissy Square in Featured Games
My previous game, Runny Square was also featured in July. I was lazy to write something that time, but fortunately Newgrounds store games that was featured in the past.

Runny Square in Featured Games
I apologize if there were some parts of the game that wasn't satisfying. I will try to make more improvement for future games, perhaps using the same gameplay but with more variant especially designing the gameplay of those 2 games took more times than programming it.

Also, I didn't invest much time to study references when I was very busy in the past especially college stuffs (which is why there were a lot of very short pdf game in the past especially they were to participate in 1GAM which I should make a game a month).

Yay, got picked by P-Bot's Daily Picks!

Kissy Square in Daily Picks
Thank you very much again Newgrounds and those who played the game, and also P-Bot!

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