Thursday, September 22, 2016

Making Remake Update: Destined Way

Destined Way is my very old game. The game was finished 6 years ago. However, all of the available link to download them were no longer available. Even my project file in most of my storage media were gone because of the storage media being corrupted.

Fortunately, I had the last one in my secret file. I was very glad. Now I want to make it available. However, I want to make a remake update first before making it available. The update will be made using Game Maker: Studio. The old one was made using Game Maker 8.0.

The main character of this game will be the ancestor of Kelin. The event happened several hundred years ago. That time humanity was on the brink of extinction from monsters rampage created from the waste product of mana. Well, that is for now for the peek of the story. I might change it in the future.

Here is little peek of my progress:

After making the remake update available. I will also make the old one available. Expect more news in the future!

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