Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kelin Kelilin - Progress: Resource Stuffs

After finishing the testing, doing some arts and still deciding what music I will use. Also did some coding to fit the sprite style. I replaced the ship sprite into Kelin. Now you can see Kelin moving around while playing instead of a ship.

Right now I am still deciding the star and the hazards art replacements. I also still haven't decided the theme of the place which hinder the art replacements. Took hours just for this, but that's normal for me.

Kelin Kelilin Gameplay
Also, I am planning implement the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum level achievement based on the gameplay performance:
  • Bronze: Complete a level
  • Silver: Complete a level within time bonus or all star collected, but not both in single gameplay.
  • Gold: Complete a Silver level but finish the remaining time bonus / all star collection challenge which isn't completed
  • Platinum: Complete a level within time bonus and all star collection challenge in single gameplay
The bronze is the easiest and the platinum is the hardest. Time and strategy do matter much if you are planning to achieve platinum completion. All of the platinum completion are completable since I tested them every single level myself.

That's for now. I hope for the next post, I will finally able to deliver some demo. Expect more news in the future! C:

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