Friday, May 26, 2017

Kelin's Delivery: Rain - v1.2 Update + Play Site

Hello, Kelin Lovers!
"Kelin's Delivery: Rain" finally has v1.2 update with a some changes:

  • Changed sub-title from "Rainwater" into "Rain"
  • Revised credit windows size
  • Changed game sub-title
  • Repositioned credit text
  • Added poke for gpio for external API usage purpose
  • Removed texts that won't be used on game
  • Revised text on sheet item
  • Slight edit on small rain sound
  • Some edits to some sprites
  • Revised the client's house
  • Added shadow on walking Kelin in title screen
  • Changed button functions on index.html: sosial page and walktrough (HTML5 release)
  • Fixed the bug that made Kelin move while button pressed in certain event, which also made the game not completable
Also, "Kelin's Delivery: Rain" can be played in Kongregate (+API) and Indiexpo (Indiepad compatible) now. Enjoy!

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