Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Disabled Link Message

So, when I checked my Ludum Dare entry, found someone who mentioned about my pdf game links is broken. When I checked it, it show Disabled Link message. I checked the annoucement in the Dropbox (inside the error message). Unfortunately, for security reason, currently dropbox disabled all the document link with the hyperlink (link: ) in it so since my pdf games rely on hyperlink to go to other page, it means they are all got affected as well.

So, for temporary solution, I renewed the links for the pdf game file in Dropbox since it is still possible to distribute it but not view it from the web directly. So, you have to download it first (but it still can be opened on browser after it is downloaded).

For the non-pdf game, they are fine and not affected by the Disabled Link message.

Since I don't know when the pdf will be viewable again directly from the web, I am still searching sites which able to view pdf file directly. So far, I couldn't find it. Tried with alternative Dropbox, but they don't view pdf file convenience (like not supporting hyperlink and couldn't link to other page properly).

Sorry for inconvenience.

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