Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nereia: Siren Story

Several weeks ago I was doing a game project for someone in concept (together) and programming parts for a Ludum Dare Jam. So, we were doing it in team (I also participated in Compo) but the submitter was the other person. So, this game was his first game that has been released and it was very simple game and with mnimalistic aspects. Also, don't forget to visit the original page

TitleNereia: Siren Story
Released29th April 2014 ICT


A quick, simple platformer game inspired by Ecco the Dolphin and The Little Mermaid from SEGA Genesis. In this game you guide Nereia, the siren (or mermaid, if you prefer so) from the abyss through the maze into the surface, within a set time limit. Collect various fish badge to extend the time, avoid the jellyfish and evil human divers, the whale is docile but may hurt you due to its gigantic body if you gets to close. Enjoy the game!

How to Play

  • Arrow keys = Move in direction (up, down, left, right) 
  • Space/Enter = Confirm
  • Collect fishes icon to add 10 seconds extra time and gallery collection




> Version 1.02 (9th May 2014)
  • Buggy collission on Nereia, enemy, and wall has been fixed

Version 1.10 (12th May 2014)
  • New background for Title Screen
  • Title bar changed from "Nereia" into "Nereia: Siren Story"
  • New game icon for the .exe file
  • New background for Prologue, Gameover, Credit, and Epilogue screens
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fishes Icon Gallery
  • Version text
  • Fade in and fade out FX
  • Health system (Health is shown on Nereia's transparency)
  • "Enter" key for confirmation (Default was "Space" key and it still can be used)
  • Timer text can be seen even when it the background is white



  1. Aku kira per-stage dan ngumpulin ikan buat nambah nafas;ada angka hitungan mundur.
    Ternyata itu Ikan buat Galery->pertamakali dapat 12 jenis ikan kalo gitu (^_^) .
    Tapi setelah nyentuh paling atas layar(ternyata itu permukaan laut) game berakhir->padahal kukira ada sebuah room atau lanjut ke stage berikutnya.

    Berbeda dengan Little Mermaid yang bisa nyerang balik lawan(counter) disini kita menjelajah dengan damai, menghindari konflik yang ada.

    1. Ikan juga nambah waktu kok :D.
      Awalnya gak ada gallery, tp biar tambah enak, ditambah gallery.
      Soal levelnya, waktu itu emang waktunya cuma ada 1 hari lg, makanya 1 level dulu :D.