Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Man and A Coconut Tree

TitleA Man and A Coconut Tree
AuthorNeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
Released5th April, 2015 ICT


One day, a man is hungry. There is a coconut tree in front of him. Guide the man the get the coconut from the tree.

How to Play

  • Click a choice to do action, especially to get the coconut.



  • Author: NeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
  • Game Concept: NeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
  • Artist: NeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
  • FontUbunto Mono


    • Entry for 1GAM month April 2015

    Author's Note

    • Still busy with my college, but this week is final exam. So, I still make small game this time.
    • Since it is almost deadline of 1GAM in PDT timezone, I will upload the un-hyperlinked yet. But feel free to peek tthe pdf game.
    • (5th May 2015) I have hyperlinked them all.

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