Friday, December 4, 2015

Suicide End

Warning: Contains suicide content

TitleSuicide End
AuthorNeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
Released4th December, 2015 ICT


A person is having a very depressing life. The person couldn't handle it anymore despite struggling it for long time. Help the person focus on ending the person's own life.

How to Play

  • Choose a word which related to suicide



  • Author: NeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
  • Game Concept: NeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
  • Artist: NeithR (aka Vsio Stitched)
  • FontISL_Nano


    • Entry for 1GAM month November 2015
    • Entry for 1GAM theme Resolution

    Author's Note

    • I am currently focusing on making oekaki right now instead of gamedev. But for the glory of 1GAM, I made a game for the November month.
    • Also, it means have finally finished the 24 months challenge of 1GAM since I started participating in december 2013.

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