Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kaki Kelin - Progress: Money, Bar, Notification, and Screen Width

More progress love for Kaki Kelin. It was supposed to be posted at 6th June. However, some crucial parts were not finished yet so I delayed it until 9th June. Those parts made me think more than usual progress. So, the main progress this time is money, bars, pick up notification, and screen width.

Progress Summary: Money, Bar, Notification, and New Screen Width
Progress Summary: Money, Bar, Notification, and New Screen Width
So, I decided to change game screen width to fit more inventory slot and to make it easier for the inventory upgrade. The previous capacity scale was 9. However, it didn't look nice for the item bar, didn't fit for inventory slot, and it didn't size well with the wallet bar. If I made an upgrade, it will need to hit 35 for both to have the same size. So I decided to changed it into 5 which can make them easily have the same size at the mutiplication of 5.

New Screen Width Change and Wallet & Item Bars
New Screen Width Change and Wallet & Item Bars
Also about the bars, it took some thought and time how I will create it. At first, I will just make the code draw the line. But what if I want to change the graphic bar in the future? So I decided to make a temporary image and put it as bar. The bar fill took a less time to build, especially thanks for the code in the stamina display. Both have similar structur. For the item bar, it fills each time Kelin takes an item. For the wallet bar, it fills each time Kelin takes certain total coins. Example, it takes total 10 coins (means the combined total of Silver and Gold coins) to fill 1 bar. Assume the maximum bar is 5, it means Kelin needs to take 50 coins to fill the wallet bar fully.

Picking Up Notification
Picking Up Notification
Now, for the notification, this also took some concentration and more thought to make. At first, I made it display on the left only when the game shows the wallet and items bar. However, after I tried testing it myself, it feels too busy to switch from showing health/stamina to bars just only to check whether an item/coin has been picked up. In the end, I moved into the right side so it can display the notification when displaying health/stamina or bars.

Here's the detail of the progress from 3rd June to 9th June.
  • Wallet to store money
  • Money consists of Gold and Silver
  • Wallet and item bar to display how much money and item have be picked up
  • Ability to pick-up money, splitting it into gold and silver coins
  • Money notification when picking up item
  • Item notification when picking up item
  • Switching health & mana into money & item bar and vice-versa
  • Screen width has been changed from to 672 into 736 pixels especially to make inventory upgrade easier to make
That's how far today I made the progress. I haven't decided what is the next progress, but I will watch TV again while writing what to do next. Meanwhile, I will be doing more arts at least for the next 3 days.

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