Monday, May 30, 2016

Kaki Kelin - Progress: Title, Page, Pick, Check Point, and More.

Continued more progress to Kaki since saturday, First of all, I have decided to do minor change to the title. The previous title was "KaKiKelin". After some hours of thought, I finally changed it to "Kaki Kelin". The previous title, I wasn't comfortable to type the upper letter, especially when typing the second K on ki. Also, I like the new one better especially for typing.

Title Screen with New Panel
Title Screen with New Panel

I also have made a facebook page of Kaki Kelin, which you can visit in this link I will also post my progress in facebook page and this blog. However, the blog contains more detailed information while the page contains summary of the progress. So, if you want summary of the progress fast , the page is better and also I use Facebook often. If you are a detailed person, this blog is good for you. 

Now about the progress. The main progress today is Picking Up Item, Check Point, Fix on Minor Glitch, and more. Kelin also now can regenerate her stamina, especially after doing a 180 direction turn. Kelin now can pick up item in the map and put it into her inventory. She can also use the item (but no effect yet). While in the inventory menu, she can swap the items.

Item Swapping
Item Swapping

Kelin now can spawn to check point if she gets KOed. This feature took most of the time of this progress, but I am glad that I managed to make it worked vert well and expected. In order to get spawn on check point, Kelin must touch the check point mark first.

Check Point and Picking Up Items
Check Point and Picking Up Items
Also, here is the summary I did from saturday until today:

  • Changed title from "KaKiKelin" to "Kaki Kelin"
  • Added panel to title menu
  • Added panel to option
  • Added ability to pickup item
  • Check point
  • Respawn to check point if KOed
  • Swapping item in inventory
  • Picking up item on map
  • Using item on map
  • Fixed some minor glitch
  • Stamina regeneration each 2 seconds
Option with New Panel
Option with New Panel
After this, I will doing pixel art. It's been a while I want to draw more characters from pixel art especially after improving a bit. I will draw Kelin primarily. Also, I will continue the castle tile on June, I am still to excited on Kelin's progress.

Also, don't forget to like Kelin's page in and say hi to her : ).

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