Saturday, October 29, 2016

Untitled Project - Progress: Estimating Time

About the teleporter bug several days I wrote in my previous blog post, I finally managed to solve it using an even better solution which cost almost nothing of performance. So instead of changing the world division or using pixel perfect collision check, I used boolean check instead. It worked very well.

Now that problem was solved, I kept continuing to finish all the gimmich mechanism. Finally, I managed to finish them all. So, all the level and the gameplay mechanism are already finished and even playable. I probably will post the demo as soon as possible and mostly decide the theme and the title of the game first.

Estimating Time
Estimating Time

The current progress I am doing right now is estimating the time limit and the time bonus. Basically there is already a default time limit and time bonus, but it will turn the game not challenging or impossible to finish. So far, I have done 60 levels. There is a hundred more. Also, initially there was gonna be 2 extra challenge for each level: finishing the time withing time bonus and collecting all the stars. These can be done separately. Now, I will add more extra challenge without adding more challenge type: Complete both 2 extra challenge in single run. 

That's for now. Expect more news of this game in the future! ;)

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