Thursday, October 27, 2016

Untitled Project - Progress: Teleporter Bug

Made a some progress for the past 3 days. Also, I still haven't decided the title of this game of mine yet. So far, I have implemented some of the gimmicks like barrier stuff.

Right now, I am still stuck with the invisible wall caused after teleporting from a teleporter. The bug itself was also not consistent on each teleporter. Sometimes the ship teleported fine on a teleporter but not on other teleporter. I still couldn't find source code which caused the bug yet. The bug occured only if I changed the position of the ship, which is used on when touching the teleporter.

Invisible Wall Bug
Invisible Wall Bug
I managed to prevent the bug by changing the world division setting or using the pixel perfect collision check. However, it costs some unneeded performance. I will use this only if there is no way to stop the bug or to keep continuing the development. Expect more news in the future!

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