Sunday, January 15, 2017

Kelin Kelilin - Progress: Level Completion GUI

First of all, Happy New Year! A lot has happened in 2016. Kelin Kelin in still in progress even 2016 had ended _(:3_)_. Gonna complete Kelin Kelilin game in this 2017. I am gonna make sure of it this time.

Some peek of the progress this week for the next update especially for #screenshotsaturday. Currently adding GUI after completing a level. The next update, player won't need to go back to selection screen after finishing a level. Player can go to next level instead.

Also adding floor(level) HUD. This will tell what floor Kelin on. In this screenshot below, Kelin is on Floor B2 which indicates she is on level 2. It will be more than 100 floors in the finished game.
Completion Level GUI + Floor Level Indicator
Completion Level GUI + Floor Level Indicator
More stuffs will be implemented for the the future:
  • GUI after completing level
  • Keyboard control for navigation
  • Tutorial
  • Probably change to rating system
  • Screenshot using function key
  • And more which I forgot what the exact...
Expect more Kelin Kelilin news in the future! Also don't forget to like Kaki Kelin page and try the 0.2 demo if you haven't:

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