Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trophy 16x Cups Voxel Pack

Add up to 80 voxel trophies with 16x16x16 voxels size range as achievements for your games for many kind of genres: race, rpg, action, etc. Make it unlockable from silhouette trophies to bronze, silver, gold, and even platinum trophies!.


  • 80 total trophy models which consists of 4 groups
    • A: 20 Boxy trophies
    • B: 20 Little-rounded trophies
    • C: 20 Mid-rounded trophies
    • D: 20 Icon trophies with 16x1x16 icon size range
  • Voxel graphics
  • 16x16x16 size range
  • 10 textures:
    • silhouette, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum with no pedestal
    • silhouette, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum with pedestal
  • 800 possible different trophies from 80 models x 10 textures combinations
  • Editable voxel files
  • Including template for unity usage


  • Credit/Attribution
    • For full version, credit/attribution is not mandatory, but very appreciated.
    • For free version, credit/attribution is mandatory.
    • To credit me: "Trophy 16x Cups Voxel Pack" by Vsio NeithR
  • Can be used for non-commercial or commercial project
  • Asset may be modified.
  • The asset itself cannot be resold.
  • Can be used for unlimited titles


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  • v1.3 (January 19th, 2016 UTC):
    • Added sources folder to store vox source files
    • Added template folder which contains ready to use project in specific game engine
    • Added template ready for unity + demo
    • Changed filenames' structure
  • v1.2 (December 17th, 2016 UTC):
    • Added Icon 16x1x16 range variant which contains 20 trophy voxels
  • v1.1 (November 27th, 2016 UTC):
    • Added folder hierarcy to group the variants
    • Added 2 variant of trophies
    • Each variant contains 20 trophy voxels
  • v1 (November 25th, 2016 UTC):
    • First release.

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