Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kelin Kelilin - Progress: v0.3 Demo Released

Good news, Kelin Lovers!

It is the beginning of February 2017. Today a new demo of Kelin Kelilin v0.3 has finally released in

A lot of changes have been implemented in this update, more than v0.2. The important ones are:
  • Keyboard for navigation
  • Rating system change
  • Added star pickup for rating system
  • Report after finishing a level
  • Separated Time Bonus and Gold-time Bonus
Some planned features which were to be implemented in the future were post-poned, like the save/load system. Still designing the concept what will the save/load file structure and also whether to implement cryptology to prevent save file manipulation to cheat the game.

I am currently planning to put pre-order or early access for the game since the game will take months to be fully completed. All the levels themselves are already completed. However, there are still missing side features like Scenes, Achievements, Outfits.

Well, enjoy the v0.3 demo and expect more Kelin Kelilin news in the future!


Kelin Kelilin - Gameplay preview
Kelin Kelilin - Gameplay preview

Kelin Kelilin - Title Screen
Kelin Kelilin - Title Screen

Kelin Kelilin - Level Selection Screen
Kelin Kelilin - Level Selection Screen

Kelin Kelilin - Gameplay: Star Pickup
Kelin Kelilin - Gameplay: Star Pickup

Kelin Kelilin - Gameplay: Star Pickup (Off)
Kelin Kelilin - Gameplay: Star Pickup (Off)

Kelin Kelilin - Gameplay: Report
Kelin Kelilin - Gameplay: Report


  • Added 10 more new levels.
  • Changed rating system
  • Added star pickup in gameplay. This replaces one of the rating mechanism: adds 1-star rating when completing a level. This is to prevent getting 2-stars rating too easy in a level.
  • Added keyboard control for navigation especially title, config, level selection, and extra.
  • Added after-gameplay menu. This will help player to decide whether to return to level selection, retry, or next level.
  • Added after-gameplay report.
  • Added button to go to upper/deeper dungeon level. The graphic uses the sprite which was previously used for returning to the title screen.
  • Added requirement to go to deeper dungeon level.
  • Changed mouse cursor graphic.
  • Added highlight when hovering on a button.
  • Added exit menu on title screen. This enables player to exit while in full screen.
  • Changed arrangement of menu in title screen.
  • Made Kelin visible before the start of gameplay
  • Added Outfit menu in extra screen. This will be enable player to change Kelin outfit. Still under contruction.
  • Separated the time limit of time bonus and gold-time bonus.
  • Added sound effect on keyboard control.
  • Added current floor display in gameplay.
  • Added clock direction and move direction display in gameplay.
  • Added letter shortcuts on left-top buttons in gameplay, especially for keyboard user.
  • Rearranged some levels, gem requirement, and time bonus, especially after the star-pickup addition.
  • Replaced (C) with "Copyright".
  • Updated and added new year (2017) for copyright year.
  • Fixed position glitch when Kelin hits wall when immeditely change direction.
  • Fixed decimal glitch on timer in gameplay.
  • Fixed some duplicate gems.

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