Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bored... and Moved to New Project: Kelin's Delivery

I know I should finish Kelin Kelilin, but it will take longer than I though... Especially after releasing the third demo, Kelin Kelilin still lack of audience _(:3_)_. So, I decided to make a new side project: Kelin's Delivery

Since this game is being made using Pico-8, the game is guaranteed to be small since the harst limitation of the game tool. Additionally, I need to be careful when trying to implement features because of the code number limitation, which is good since it makes me to not adding non-core features. Also, I didn't have experience in programming using Lua language. Interestingly, I learned the basic quickly after a bit of tutorial and trying to make Kelin's Delivery.

This game will be released on Pico-8 platform and also HTML5 site. The game itself will be free so people can know Kelin better. 

The game will be about Kelin's puzzle adventure game when delivering package to her client. The game will contain interactive puzzle element. The reason I chose puzzle adventure game is because I like puzzle adventure genre games. I even made (with other people) several puzzle adventure games in the past as "Me, Wake Up!" series.

In this game, when Kelin is on her way to deliver the package to her client. However, there is raining on her way. She quickly finds some place to cover herself from the rain. Suddenly she found an abandoned house. While waiting inside the house, she feels cold and hungry. Now, the main challenge is to find something to make her warm and to feed her hunger.

Kelin's Delivery - Progress
Kelin's Delivery - Progress

Progress done so far are:

  • Some of map system
  • Movement
  • Some of inventory system
  • Some GUIs
  • Inventory check

After making some progress, I had some thought to change the graphic style of Kelin Kelilin. The art result when using Pico-8 color was so beatiful.

Finally, expect more Kelin's Delivery game news in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy the animated screenshot progress ;).

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