Saturday, March 4, 2017

Kelin's Delivery - Progress: Core Almost Finished

Still doing side project of Kelin game: Kelin's Delivery. Still doing the core part. Some of the game code were inspired from my old game "Me, Wake Up!". It helped me a lot how should the code get structured.

Kelin's Delivery - Progress
Kelin's Delivery - Progress

Things I have implemented so far:

  • Map object
  • Able to pickup up front object
  • Able to examine on front object
  • Able to use item on front object
  • Able to move to other map
  • Item combination
  • Item panel y display depending on Kelin's y position
  • Changed messaging system to make it no redundancy
  • And some other internal stuffs
I am planning to improve some part of the message notification especially after combining item and using item on front. Also I am still thinking whether to implement event system. After that, the core will be finished and the game will be ready for content addition.

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