Link Exchange

If you want to exchange link with me,  your link content must:

  1. Have at least 1 game project (not finished is fine)
  2. About your own game (not someone else's game)
  3. No obscene content (like showing "private" part or something from it)

Also, if there is some certain content that doesn't okay with my disrection, I might reject it with telling the reason too D: .

If you want to add me, just include my blog name "Neithr's Game" and link ( in your blog like how I include it in my "Other Developer".

If you have added mine, comment in this post so that I know that you have added my link in your blog.

If it is in 7 days I didn't added your link and my blog and did't replied you back (assume I forgot to check my email), you should remove link in my blog. I might contact you back if I finally checked it.

Thanks for understanding :).

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