Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dot Battlers Pack: Front Fantasy

Add pixel front-view fantasy battlers into your game from slimes, plants, undeads, dragons, demons, and more including their variant forms..


  • Contains 50 different battlers
  • Front view
  • Pixel graphics
  • Files are included as both separated PNG files and 48x72 sprite size spritesheets
  • Variants battlers
    • Color A & B: Make battlers more different from the same kind of battlers.
    • Silhouette: Make battlers to be more mysterious
  • Total battlers including variants: 200 battlers


  • Credit/Attribution
    • For full version, credit/attribution is not mandatory, but very appreciated.
    • For free version, credit/attribution is mandatory.
    • To credit me: "Dot Battlers Pack: Front Fantasy" by Vsio NeithR
  • Can be used for non-commercial or commercial project.
  • Can be used for any kind of game engine or tool project.
  • Asset may be modified.
  • The asset itself cannot be resold.
  • Can be used for unlimited titles.


Purchase at

For cheaper price with one title only, can be purchased here.


  • v1.2 (August 27th, 2016 UTC)
    • Added spritesheets
    • Added alternate color variants
    • Added more folder hierarchy to split spritesheet and separated sprites
    • Fixed Azure Dragon's beard outline
    • Fixed Devil's elbows
  • v1.1 (August 15th, 2016 UTC)
    • Added Silhouette variants
  • v1.0.1 (August 10th, 2016 UTC)
    • Fixed medusa and skeleton sprites' outline.
    • Changed a bit of changelog format
  • v1 (8th August, 2016 UTC)
    • Pack is released.

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