Thursday, August 25, 2016

Legacy Bits, the Title of My New Game Project

Finally decided the name of my new game project: Legacy Bits. The game is about a world dominated by machine. The blue square is the hope to neutralizes the machine by uploading some certain binaries that will gain control of the part of the machine. There is still more depth about the story, but for now, I will focus on gameplay.

The game is being made using HaxeFlixel via FlashDevelop. The stage itself is made using Tiled.

In this game, you have to connect the blue square into the big square, the core of the machine. So far, I haven't added enemies, except the wall which can destroy the blue square if crashed while charging.

Gameplay Overview
Gameplay Overview
If there is no obstacles, I am planning to post the demo this saturday (August 27th. 2016). Stay tuned!

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