Thursday, October 22, 2015

Art Commission Opened!

I was planning to sell my own blood or kidney so I can get a lot of money to rent a room, to learn stuffs I didn't do during college, and investing. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the legal place to do it. So, I have to move and stay in a place somewhere right now (Good bye my previous rent room, you were a great room). However, I can't concentrate making a game or learning there because of someone else's "nagging, passion-not-accepted, or compared-many-times-with-someone-else-who-get-more-money-than-me" stuffs everyday. So, I decided to finally open my own art commission.

I do oekaki art. I learned it when playing a forum game called a-draw-my-thing or something. At first it was weird that I could do it. After that it was so fun drawing oekaki especially using my laptop's touchpad. Currently, I offer Head for $3 and Hip-up and $7. You can order them here: or you can go to the Nei. Here are the oekaki arts I have made:

My target this month will be $200. I will use the money to get out from my current place, rent a room somewhere else which feels similar like my previous rent room or perhaps the same previous rent room, and foods. I hope I can do it before the end of this month.

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