Monday, October 19, 2015

Finally Graduated

After 6 years, I finally graduated from college. After a long struggle from routinity, assignments, quizzes, exams, and depression, my struggle has finally paid off. It was supposed to be 4 years. So I was late 2 years. However, at least I did creative stuffs to compensate it.
This means I will be no longer busy in college stuffs anymore. I have more time to focus to develop more my skills and my game projects. There were skills that I want to develop but it was hard to focus because of assignments especially I like learn in 100 minutes duration without thinking other else. However, I am still not secure yet to do these since I still need money to survive monthly.

So, after graduated, before looking and applying for a job, I will focus more on getting side income immediately. Yes, no graduation euphoria. I am planning to open art commission or selling assets. This will also chances for me to improve my art skill.

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