Wednesday, October 14, 2015

NeithR's Stencyl Journey - Actors and Scenes

Finally managed to do 200 minutes duration of learning Stencyl. Twice than yesterday. It was more tiring than 100 minutes, but it was worth it that I learned more.
This time I still did more exploring on Stencyl especially on using Actor and Scene. Also, I use Stencyl's guide site on chapter 3 and 4( as reference.

Applying Attribute in Behavior Code View
Applying Attribute in Behavior Code View
When starting the learning, I tried to apply attributes for a Behavior in Code View. The reason was I didn't manage to do it in the previous day. However, this time I managed to do it using "Refresh Attributes" button on top left. It made the attribute I made appeared in the top right list.

Actor's Animation
Actor's Animation
After that, I am focusing on the Actor. In this part I tried to implement animation, then I did it. Also, I read about concept of motion, forces, and physics. I didn't tried much of it since I didn't have an idea for the sample (:p). After that I tried to implement controls, collision, and creating/killing. For the Tweening, I didn't tried to implement it, but understand the concept and the keyword. It turned that Tweening was very important part of gamedev that I should have learned from beginning (which I didn't implement in my previous games).

After dealing with the Actors, I moved to Scenes section. I haven't finished learning all the parts. The parts I mananged to learn are the basic, the camera, and tilesets. The camera was easy to implement. I increased the size of the scene then tried to focus the camera into an actor instance. It was successful. For the tilesets, I used the tile I made several months ago. I learned that the tilesets also including the collission shape.

After that long writing, so far what I have learned:
  • Applying Attributes in Behavior Code View
  • Deeper concept of Actor
  • Using Animations
  • Concept of motion, collission, physics
  • Creating instances
  • Tweening
  • Deeper concept of Scene
  • Using camera
  • Using Tileset and its Animation
It is already night here so I am a bit too tired and has less concentration to continue. I am planning to continue to learn the Scenes chapter in the future and the next chapter. Also, so far I did 400 minutes or 6 hours 40 minutes.

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