Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NeithR's Stencyl Journey - Behavior, Attributes, and Log Viewer

Finally did a 100 minutes duration of learning Stencyl. I could do more for more 100 minutes but there was other graduation stuffs I need to do. Most of this learning session is focused on Behavior and Attributes or chapter 2 in Stencyl guide site (http://www.stencyl.com/help/toc/). The other is about using Log Viewer, making Scene, making Actor, printing to log viewer.
I did more exploring in this game engine. I tried on making Actor, Event, Scene, etc. I tried random stuffs first before focusing on the Behavior-related only. This way, I got more picture about the game engine.
A Barrel which prints to Log Viewer
A Barrel which prints to Log Viewer
After doing random stuffs, I focused on Behaviour-related. The reference I used was the official guide from the site I mentioned on the beginning of this post. From this, I learned on making Behavior, attaching it to an Actor or a Scene, making Attributes, making Game Attributes, and making Events. I learned that for global values, I can use Game Attributes.

Log Viewer
Log Viewer
On using the Log Viewer, I tried to print something to Log Viewer from Behavior and Scene. At first, it was confusing because there was so many text. I didn't know where did the printing result went. However, I finally managed to find it went, it was to the top text of the message and in the blue-dot-type-thing category.

So, in this lesson I learned on:
  • Using Event
  • Making An Actor
  • Making Behavior
  • Attaching Behavior
  • Making Behavior using Code View
  • Using Log Viewer
  • Printing to Log Viewer using trace()
  • Using Game Attribute
  • More that I forgot to take note
I hope in the future I had more times to do more learning of this game engine. Currently, I did 200 minutes or around 3 hours to learn this game engine. Still not too long for me.

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