Friday, May 27, 2016

KaKiKelin - Progress: Improving Gameplay, Inventory, and Kelin's Sprite

Very glad that I did much productivity from 3 days ago for ‪#KaKiKelin‬ project. A lot of stuffs were implemented in these previous days. I have improved the gameplay a lot. Also, I have added inventory system. Furthermore, Kelin has finally had her own sprite, currently the animated 4-facing sprite and non-animated KO sprite.

Improvement Summary in Gif
Things have implemented from three days ago:

  • Kelin's 4-facing sprite
  • Kelin's KO sprite
  • Health system
  • Stamina system
  • Damage when hitting a wall
  • Stamina reduction when hitting a wall (will probably removed in future)
  • KO when no health
  • Revised head image in HUD
  • Switching item in gameplay
  • Displaying sprite in item slot
  • Moving from map to other map
  • Coming in from outside map
  • Inventory
  • Displaying name, description, and image in inventory
  • Option menu
  • Window/Fullscreen option

Title Screen Mockup
Title Screen Mockup
Gameplay Health and Kelin's Sprite
Gameplay Health and Kelin's Sprite
Option Screen
Option Screen

I still want to do KaKiKelin project for the next 3 days instead of doing the castle tileset. Hope I can keep up this productivity. Also, if I remember tomorrow (saturday), I will submit it the #screenshotsaturday in gif. If possible, it will be different the gif in this post because there is some core game mechanism I will change.

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