Saturday, May 21, 2016

KaKiKelin - Progress: Improving Tiles and Implementing Stuffs

Three days have passed since I post about tile improvement and character progress. I did more improvement to the tiles and added more tile themes. I also have implemented some codes using HaxeFlixel to implement the tile placement I made using Tiled editor. I also used Runny Source Kit I made several weeks ago as template since it already has the gameplay and states necessary for the game.
Result of Implemented Stuffs, Similar Like the Mockup
Result of Implemented Stuffs, Similar Like the Mockup

Things I have implemented so far:
  • Tile colission on wall
  • HUD mockup placement
  • Inventory class
  • Item database class to store item's data parsed from json
  • Map created from tmx file made using Tiled Editor
  • Basic menu class to be usable by any states (scene/room) that uses menu system like Title menu
  • Bounce when collided with the wall tile
  • HP and Stamina sytem to survive damage when hitting the wall
  • Pause
Improved the Grass Tile
Improved the Grass Tile
Currently, I tried to make player comes from certain position from outside to view to simulate the game has changed state. However, I was still having problem why the player kept bouncing/stopping when hitting the the block. The block is used to tell that the player has finished coming from outside the view which I want to make player's run slower when coming from outside view.

Dungeon theme tiles
Dungeon Theme Tiles
Spell Theme Tiles
Spell Theme Tiles
For the next progress, if that problem is not resolved yet, I will probably take a lot of time solving the collision problem. Also I want to implement the inventory menu and to make player able to go to other side when going of the view or certain block. Finally, my next progress to make sure the game works as intended. However for the next three days, I will continue my platformer castle tiles project.

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