Wednesday, May 4, 2016

KaKiKelin - Progress: Title Change and Mockup

Decided to change the title from "Kelin's Feet" into "KaKiKelin" since I didn't like the previous title. The word Kaki means foot/feet. So the game is still about Kelin's feet sickness.

KaKiKelin Mockup
KaKiKelin Mockup
I also made a mockup to simulate how the game will appear like the image above. The game will have HUD and gameplay screen. Also the character design is still a mockup, probably get changed in the future.

For the gameplay, Kelin will be running around, but she cannot stop. She can only move circling with anti-clockwise or clockwise direction. There will be something to make Kelin's change the clockwise direction.

For the story, I also have changed some parts of the story. She won't get the running sickness from potion, but from a mysterious strange carrot. She will visit a witch to ask for cure but the witch require certain ingredients which makes Kelin's adventure.

In the future, I will try to adjust the screen size again. Somehow, it feels too small especially the gameplay will be similar like Runny Square. Maybe I will use a camera feature. Also, don't forget to check and follow the game page:

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