Friday, January 9, 2015

Doing "Warma's 1 HP Left" RPG

Actually continuing my older project which wasn't continued several months ago since I was very busy. It was actually for a game contest (IGMC) but I decided to submit a flash and a pdf game since I was very busy to improve my skill. So, this game project wasn't continue and I decided to give it some project. Also, the start of this game project wasn't posted here but here (

This game is about a female adventurer which got attacked by bandits. Her name is Warma. She got injured and fainted from the attack and got her stuffs stolen. Fortunately, she still had her 1 HP left to survive. Since she was too weak to continue her adventure,  she had to go back to inn to recover herself. 

The progress itself is just only concept which is partially finished long ago. The character's image concept and her name was made yesterday. Also, yesterday I added some changes to the concept.

Since the game will be made using RPG Maker VX Ace, I am planning to have a customized aspects on sprite, tiles, hud, gui, and other stuffs instead of default. Some parts will probably be left default like the battle system, music, and sound effect.

This game itself now is to test the result of my training after I have made 12 games last year for 1GAM. Also, this game is to make me create some original assets in my style especially the tiles and the sprites. I hope I can make a lot of progress especially I have a week holiday left.


  1. would it be 'long time' game or 'short time' gime?
    i mean this can be played and completed just in a couple hours?

    hhmm, i didn't see the feature..
    what will implemented in game :3

  2. The plan will be a short game. Yes, in couple hours or perhaps minutes. Since this game is to stimulate me on improving my spriting skill, art skill, writing skill, and some of my scripting skill. In other words, this game is to make me used to RPG Maker VX Ace environment since I never made an rpg game using RPG Maker VX Ace before ;).

    The features are mostly focused on customized art aspect and customized HUD, and customized GUI.

  3. waiting for the progress of the feature :)

  4. Thanks for waiting ;).
    Hope there is more progress in the future :).