Monday, January 26, 2015

Rise from Sorrow

Warning: Textual mild violence!

TitleRise from Sorrow
GenrePoint and Click
Released25th January, 2015 ICT


Certain person has fallen into the deep despair and you are there trying to help. Try to understand their feeling and their sorrow. Find out what is the best way to guide him/her to happiness by giving them advice of what should they do everyday. If they are too stressed, they commit suicide. If they have no money left, they die of hunger.

How to Play

  • Click a button to earn money, boost mood, or event to survive. Some events also can cause lost money or lower mood
  • You need to finish some main events within 30 days.
  • Game over trigger: Not enough money for daily, depressed mood, or main events not finished within 30 days



  • Developed by: Eskargotz
  • Powered by: Haxeflixel
  • Game Designer: Kuro DCupu, NeithR
  • Writer: Kuro DCupu, Alvin
  • ArtistKuro DCupu
  • Sound: Monkeyth
  • Music: Monkeyth
  • Programmer: NeithR

Update Log

  • 1.0.1
    • Fixed restarting music each time going into title page (except when ending)
    • Fixed unresponsive state after prologue
    • Button's text vertical offset has been fixed
    • Sound effect has been slightly cut (the no sound part) to make sound timing more accurate 
    • Music fading out at ending has been slowed slightly.
    • Screen fade out effect at ending has been slowed slightly.



  • After the developing for 48 hours, we finally finished the game! :D
  • I am planning to update the game, especially to add some features that we had to omit because of the time limit :D. Also, there are some parts that I am planning to optimize as well. There are also some minor bugs, so I need to fix them in the next update :D.
  • Our team name while in GGJ#15 was BAK, but changed into Eskargotz.
  • Yeah, I know I didn't link the download from the button above into GGJ page, since I am not sure if it will be okay to update the page after the deadline so I will link to dropbox instead :). However, if you want play the GGJ version, you can go here and find the game name "Rise from Sorrow".

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