Sunday, January 11, 2015

Warma's 1 HP Left - Progress: Sprite Template

This is the progress of sprite template I made for Warma's 1 HP Left which will be implemented on RPG Maker VX Ace game engine I use to make the game. The template itself will probably be changed in the future depends on my project's needs.

The sprite sample itself from using the template, it is not Warma. It is just random character for testing how's the template will fit for a sprite.

There is only the front and standing version right now. Before I continue with other view and pose, I need to make sure that the front view and standing pose is already good enough to use.

Btw, the template above is my second revision from my original template:


1st Revision:

Those previous 2 sprite templates was originally for my game Warma's 1 HP Left Progress long ago. I revised again because the shape wasn't look good to me or its pose was a bit dull to me. It took hours just to get a step of each revision until it looks right to me temporarily. The newest revision might get revised again if I feel something need to be changed again.

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