Friday, January 16, 2015

Warma's 1 HP Left - Progress: Face Dialogue and Font Test

Not much progress today, because several days ago I had to priotize with college stuffs so I was busy. So, in this progress, I was testing on face in dialogue and font change.

The face was from the Warma's head art I made several hours ago with background removed. I also resized its size to fit the 96x96 pixels size. I used it to test how well it fits with the dialogue. Since it was just for testing, I didn't continue with the shoulders part.

The font I used above was Ubuntu. I usually use its Mono version on my pdf game. You can get the font here: I am planning not to use the default font on this game, so I might use this font or other font in the game.

Also, I haven't finished with the concept for the map events. Probably with continue with it again next week since in this end week, I am planning to train my art skill again for 25 hours, especially I need to study more on coloring and more body proportion.

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