Friday, January 30, 2015

Rise from Sorrow - Update: 1.0.1 - Refactoring, Bug Fix, and Minor Improvement

Finally finished doing some updates of our game "Rise from Sorrow" which we made on #GGJ15. I updated it because there are some minor bugs there weren't fixed and some source code were harder to maintain.

In this update, for the development side, I refactored a lot of parts of the source code to make it easier to update in the future. From the previous work, all the class for logic and view were mixed. In this update, those classes were separated. The dialogue was also written into the source code directly, so I decided to separate it into json file. The game will read the embedded json file and turn it into dialogue. Also, for the dialogue, which was 9 messages limit, has been increased to the limit of array (very bigger limit than the 9 messages limit).

For the bugs, I have fixed the restarting music when player went into title screen from credit or game over screen. It was supposedly to restart only after ending which the music was already fading out. I also have fixed the unresponsive state after prologue which is actually the game tried to put the buttons randomly. I put the limit of how many random tries were allowed to prevent the unresponsive state. If the limit were reached, the chosen button will go out to screen and visible will be set to false. I also have fixed the text on the button which is a bit too above. I only need to change its label.offset.y from the FlxButton instance.

I also cut the sound a bit (which has no sound at all at that part) to make the sound timing more accurate. The first time it was released, the sound timing was a bit off since of the the-no-sound-part of the sound. I also have slowed down the fading out of the music and the screen effect at the end of the game to emphasis the ending better.

When making the update, I also tested this game to be built to android platform. The result, it was done easily especially with the power of the Haxeflixel which support cross platform. Perhaps this game will be released on android platform too, one day...

There will be also more update after this in the future, depends if the team leader has more idea to put more, since there were ideas but couldn't be implemented because of the time limit. Well, that's for now I could write, it's already a 3:34 AM here and I haven't slept yet so my I might make a lot of grammar errors xD. Also, since it was refactored, there will be probably some new bugs will appear which I haven't spotted yet. So, let me know if you found one.

You can play the update from the game page below, then go the "Download Game" button:

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