Sunday, January 18, 2015

Warma's 1 HP Left - Progress: Battlers and Battle

Wanted to do more progress for #screenshotsaturday. I know it's already sunday in my place, but some regions right now is still saturday. So, wanted to know how well my art for battlers will fit for my game, so in this progress I made two monsters as battlers.

In this progress I also tried to remember on how to use battle events (since it's been a long time ago I touched battle events feature). For the test, I tried to make Warma's HP into 1. It worked well and it was so easy to do it.

I also tested how the battle will fit with my battlers I made. 

The battle HUD itself will be changed in the future. Since I had learned Ruby very long time ago and several days ago I also used it for doing an assignments. Also, I have studied RGSS3 more than 20 hours, so it tempted me to try to use a customized script too with my own customization especially at the battle HUD.

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