Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Rise from Sorrow" Game Progress On #GGJ15

So, I participated in the Global Game Jam 2015 (#GGJ15). I joined a team to make the game with the role as programmer. The name was "BAK" for the start, but the lead team felt the name was too weird so we discussed a lot for the team name until we came up with team name "Eskargots".

So, we currently still developing our game "Rise from Sorrow". It is about a game which you have to guide a person from a depressing life into a happy life. There will be a lot of random events which can affect its mood and money. The person's mood must also be not be very depressed and also must be very happy at the end of 30th day. If that happens, the person will end the person's own life.

The game itself is developed using Haxeflixel and the default platform is Flash. In the future, we might release the mobile version, using the Haxeflixel engine's ability to cross platform.

The gameplay is very simple. Simply by selecting choices that appeared on screen. Each choice will lead to better/worse mood and to gain/loss money. The mood and the money will also affect the event from the choice. The choices will appearead at random position and certain of choices will appear on random day.

The development of this game has been developed more than 30 hours and still being developed. The important parts that we are still developing are the scenes and gameplay and the music. We from the team hope that the game will be finished before the 48 hours of the #GGJ15.